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I’ve been terrible about recording pugs the past several months, so I’d like to give a heartfelt shout-out to the pugs who got away:

Eating salad in Washington Sq Park pug
Brooklyn Book Festival pug
Drinking water outside of Choice Green pug
Hyper, outside of M&O Deli pug
At the beach on Long Island pug
Tied up outside of Bed Stuy bodega tiny pug
Goin’ places Grand Central pug
Tired, outside of Greenpoint fruit store on Manhattan Ave pug
In Chelsea wearing a red sweater silky black pug

Finally spotted a pug, and she was a perfect specimen. Her friend was cute too.

((if you are, happy pride)) … this guy was celebrating  

this pug-owner is serving up some serious pug street style in a t-shirt printed with a giant pug face.